Tapt Kund

Tapt Kund is a natural hot water spring located in the town of Badrinath in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. The name “Tapt Kund” means “hot spring” in Hindi. It is believed to be a sacred place by Hindus, who visit the Kund to take a dip in its hot water as a part of a purification ritual before visiting the Badrinath Temple.

It is also believed that the Sun God actually resides in Tapt Kund, which is why it is also known as Surya Kund.The priests there tell that Lord Surya Dev had committed the sin of killing the Bhaksha-Bhakshee. Then at the behest of Lord Narayan, Surya Dev came to Badrinath and did penance. Since then the Lord distracted the Sun God in the form of water. By taking bath in which people get freedom from all the problems related to their body. And get rid of sins by seeing God.

The water in Tapt Kund is believed to have medicinal properties due to the presence of various minerals and sulfur. It is said to cure various skin diseases and other ailments. The temperature of the water in Tapt Kund ranges from 45 to 50 degrees Celsius, making it an ideal place for visitors to take a dip and relax.

Adi Shankaracharya is credited with discovering the current statue of Badrinarayan in the kund named Narad Kund, which is located under Tapt Kund. Typically, pilgrims avoid taking baths here since the kund is sacred. There are five large stone boulders called Panch Shilas that are found in the Kund area and are considered holy by devotees. The renowned Lord Vishnu devotee Bhakta Narad is reported to have resided at Narad Shila, which is located next to the Tapt Kund. On the route from the Kund to the temple, Garud Shila is located. In the Alaknanda waters lie three secret shilas: Narsimha Shila, Varahi Shila, and Markandeya Shila.

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